Breast cysts are fluid filled swellings which can occur in the breast tissue. They are a common cause of benign swellings (non cancerous) in ladies between the age of 25-50 years.

Although there are no known causes of breast cysts but they are said to occur due to hormonal changes which affect the breast tissue.

Breast cysts commonly present as:

Lump in the breast
Pain associated with the lump
Sometimes ladies can have multiple cysts in the breast and perceive their breast as a “lumpy” breast
Very small breast cysts may not present with any signs or symptoms

Diagnosis of a breast cyst can be made by:

Clinical breast examination done by a Breast Surgeon
Ultrasound is the best investigation to detect a breast cyst
Mammography is not very useful in the diagnosis of a breast cyst


If you are suffering from symptoms or have been diagnosed with a breast cyst, you should consult a specialist Breast Surgeon. Although breast cysts are usually not associated with breast cancer, a thorough evaluation should be done.

If the cyst is small and asymptomatic, it can be treated conservatively with medicines and adequate breast support.

If the cyst is large or causing pain, it should be aspirated.

Majority of the times aspiration leads to complete resolution of the cyst and it should be followed up at 4-6 week intervals.

Indications of surgical removal of a cyst are:

If the cyst does not collapse completely on aspiration
If it re-fills after aspiration
Bloody aspirate from the cyst

At the Department of Breast Diseases & Cancer Care in W Hospital, we offer standardized management of a breast cyst using the latest techniques.