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5 Tips to fix your Saggy Breasts naturally

5 Tips to fix your Saggy Breasts naturally
  • By Rohan Khandelwal

Breasts are one of the most beautiful of all feminine assets. Beautiful and firm shaped breasts are no less than a blessing for females. But whatever your breast size or shape might be, you should always feel comfortable and confident in your skin. Be it wrinkly breasts, curvy breasts or the ones that are always hanging upside down, remember that you are beautiful in your shape or type of breasts and this is what makes you unique. However, as per the best Breast lump Surgeon in Delhi, you can follow some natural ways of toning your breast muscles and getting rid of saggy breasts. But before we share you the secrets to getting away with saggy breasts, here are some of the reasons that lead to saggy breasts:

  • Breasts that are heavy or comprise fatty tissues become saggy overtime
  • Weight reduction
  • Weight gain or obesity
  • Underlying health conditions such as PCOS or PCOD
  • Strenuous exercises or activities
  • Age factor
  • Consumption of Intoxicants
  • Breast Cancer
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Wearing an incorrect bra size

Once you have identified the cause of having saggy breasts, you can fix them by adapting to the following tips and tricks or exercises as you may call them. These are scientifically tested and suggested by the best Breast Surgeon in Delhi NCR.

Chest press using weights

Whether you are a gym lover or not, trust us that this simple exercise can help you achieve toned and a firm breast shape. If you are not into gymming, then you can try it at your home using dumbbells and by seeking help from video tutorials. This exercise is scientifically proven to strengthen your shoulders, back and can do wonders in toning your breasts. Here are a few steps, with which you can try this exercise:

  • Lie flat on your back on a flat bench with your feet flat on the ground.
  • To start the exercise, place the dumbbells in an elevated position, in a parallel posture and bend your elbows.
  • Now, start moving your arms with dumbbells placed upwards, as you lay flat
  • You should at least try to repeat the posture 15-20 times for 3 sets


You must have heard about a Plank several times and must have even tried performing it. But are you aware of its amazing benefits for your breasts? Yes. Practising a plank twice daily for about two to three minutes can help you to strengthen your shoulders, back and help in toning your breasts. But only if you do it the right way. Here are some of the tips that you must keep in mind while doing a plank.

  • Your arms including your elbows should lay flat on the floor, with the tip of your feet touching the ground
  • Your body should be elevated by an angle of 90 degrees from the ground level
  • Hold your position in this upright manner for at least 60 to 120 seconds

Regular oil massaging

Regular oil massages are known to provide immense scientific benefits in toning your breast muscles. You can opt for a proper oil massage schedule at least once a week and use essential oils for the same. Regular breast massages are scientifically proven to provide amazing benefits for your breast by improving blood circulation and by toning the breast muscles. You can use almond oil, jojoba oil or sesame oil as these are enriched with nutritional compounds that can help to improve your breast muscles and tone them.

Wear a correct sized bra

As per a survey, about 80% of women wear an incorrectly sized bra. In the opinion of the leading Breast lump Surgeon in Delhi NCR, wearing an incorrect bra size can have severe implications on your overall health. One of the most common consequences is saggy breasts. Hence, to fix your breast shape or get rid of saggy breasts you need to wear the correct sized bra. Here are a few tips which you must pay attention to when going bra shopping:

  • The bra should properly fit your breasts and provide full coverage
  • The bra straps should not be loose or too tight
  • A bra that feels comfortable and breathable should be your go-to choice

Improve your body posture

Women with incorrect body posture always complain about saggy breasts. To get rid of saggy breasts, you should improve your body position while you sit, walk or rest. A good body posture is key to remedying your saggy breasts.

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