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Breast Cancer Risks You Cannot Control

Breast Cancer Risks You Cannot Control
  • By Rohan Khandelwal

Identifying various causes for breast cancer in women

There is a wide range of things that affect your health. Sometimes causing fever, cold, nausea, other diseases, or even cancer. Now, cancer is a subject that makes a person blue if encountered. But things have changed. Our medical facilities and abilities have developed enough to help you recover out of any such condition.

And especially, when it comes to breast cancer, this is the most overlooked subject in women. We wonder, why? Is it out of fear? Or negligence? Or just avoiding it might heal its tactics? There are numerous ways women can prevent it. Or worse, with a mammogram, one can always trace the presence of cancer in the breast area at the very early stage.

The breast cancer surgeon in Delhi states the fact that due to sheer negligence, the rise of cases has surpassed the active cases of lung cancer across the globe. This means 1 in every 5 women is diagnosed with breast cancer. And what remains is just one question, WHY ME?

Today, in this blog, let us explore various causes that lead to breast cancer in women.

But before discussing any general causes, let us focus on the points that are beyond our control. This will give you an idea that no matter what, certain things happen unexpectedly and one needs to find a solution for it. Rather than stressing over it. Learn to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

So, the risk factors that are beyond anyone’s control are as follows:

  • Beginning of Your Menstrual Cycle
    According to the best breast cancer surgeon in Delhi, women who began their periods even before the age of 12 have more chances of having breast cancer in future. It is said that the earlier you begin with, the higher chances of risks prevail.
    Now, that doesn’t mean that every other woman who began early is going to deal with breast cancer someday. It is just an estimated low percentage of risk mentioned.
  • Menopause It Is!
    After the age of 50-52, every woman undergoes hormonal or other emotional changes. Especially due to the fact that you are heading towards menopause. But this also brings along a bit higher risk of breast cancer.
    It is considered that if your menopause happens after the approximate date of 52, then you might have chances of the same. So, doing a mammogram test every couple of years will benefit you.
  • If You Have Dense Breast Tissues
    Breast density matters a lot as well. When your breast tissues are more than your fat tissues, again you are at a fairly high chance of getting breast cancer. The density varies from woman to woman. And one can only measure it through a mammogram test.
    According to the surgeon specialized in breast surgery in Gurgaon, the higher breast density the greater you are at risk.
  • Benign (Besides Cancer) Breast Condition
    Now, this is a very known fact that most benign conditions do not cause breast cancer at all. But there are largely two known conditions that can lead you to the same. That is none other than atypical hyperplasia and lobular neoplasia.
    These above-mentioned conditions have a slightly more risk to cause breast cancer.

Last but not least is the history of breast cancer in the family.

All of the above-said conditions are definitely out of your hands. But now, let us glance through an evident set of factors that you could control for sure.

They are as follows:

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding

So, the more you take care of yourself, the better you can overcome any such condition. And even if things don’t turn up as you thought, just remember that breast surgery in Gurgaon is affordable and available to all those who are in need. All you need to do is just ring them and book an appointment.

Stay Happy & Healthy!

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