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Is Your Breast Health Linked to Your Bra Size?

Is Your Breast Health Linked to Your Bra Size?
  • By Rohan Khandelwal

Do you know that your breast health not just depends on your diet or your fitness regimen or overall health but has got a lot to do with the type or size of your bra? According to the leading Breast Surgeon in Delhi NCR wearing the wrong bra size can trigger breast pain. Since the market is flooded with thousands of brands dealing in distinct types of bras and bra sizes, it becomes extremely difficult to figure out which one is the right fit for you. If you are suffering from similar issues, then don’t worry as we bring for you some interesting tips for choosing the correct bra size. But before spilling the beans on our secret tips we will share why wearing an incorrect bra is not good for your breast health.

What wearing the wrong bra size can do to your breasts?

Here is why wearing the right bra size is important or else one can experience the following signs:

  • Poor blood circulation leads to a risk of developing cysts or lumps.
  • Excessive strain or tension on the breast muscles leads to bone or coordination problems.
  • Wrinkles or abrasions on breasts.
  • Incorrect body posture.
  • Saggy or extremely loose skin around the breasts area, making you appear bigger than your actual age.
  • Poor-fitting of clothing.
  • Breast tenderness or soreness.
  • Back pain or shoulder pain.
  • Premature sagging of breasts.
  • The feeling of discomfort and lack of confidence

Is your bra type according to your breast shape?

The popular Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi believes that most women are unaware of the fact that the type of bra they choose to wear determines or influences their breast health to a great extent. This is why choosing the right kind of brand becomes a priority. We will guide you through the types of breast shapes and the type of bra you should wear accordingly.

Asymmetric Breast

In such a kind of breast shape, one breast is relatively bit larger than the other in its size and shape. For such a breast shape, a wired or a padded bra is an ideal choice instead of the regular cotton fit bra. The metal wired or the padded bra will give such a kind of breast good and firm support, making them appear to have a proper alignment or shape.

Athletic Breasts

Athletic breasts are the ones that are more heavy and bulky with muscles and fewer tissues. Such a breast shape requires good support which can only be provided by wearing a sports bra or an underwire T-Shirt Bra.

The Bell Shaped Breasts

As the name says, these breasts resemble the shape of a bell or an hourglass, i.e. they appear to be leaner from the top whereas bulkier from the bottom. It is best to opt-out for a full coverage underwire padded bra to provide a good amount of support to such a breast shape.

The Relaxed or low inverted breasts

Such a breast shape has breasts that are weighed down or with down inverted nipples. You are free to wear any kind of bra for such a breast shape provided that it should have full coverage and underwire.

The Round Shaped Breasts

This is the most physically attractive breast shape, with both the breasts being equal in shape and size, i.e. contributing to a perfectly round shape. Choose a T-Shirt or wireless, non-padded bra for extra comfort and firm support.

The Slender Shaped Breasts

These are the kind of breasts that are sleek and slender with down inverted nipples. The Uplift style bra can be the perfect mate for such a breast shape.
Apart from this, another crucial factor that you need to determine while choosing a bra is your age. There are specialized teenage bras available in the market that can provide good support and proper coverage to the breasts in their developing stage or teen breasts.

Are you wearing the correct bra size?

We will now guide you on the right way to choose the perfect fitting bra as per your breast size:

Look for comfort

For better and improved blood circulation, you must opt for a bra, rather than a fashionable one. Check its material quality, band and cup comfort and buy accordingly. It is always a good idea to try it out before making a purchase. If the bra bands are hitting hard on your shoulders, then it's a clear sign that the cup size is too small. Likewise, if the straps are slipping off your shoulders, it is a red flag indicating that your cup size is too big.

Know your Ideal size

With hundreds of available brands and options, you could have a hard time buying the right size. Hence, it is best to talk to an expert on the same. However, you can look if the cup properly provides full coverage and gives good support to your bra. The band elastic should be perfect and neither too loose nor tight and should come with an adjustable setting. Also, if your bra is not too loose or tight, then this is the one you need to choose. So, this is all that you need to know about choosing the right kind of bra to avoid any breast health concerns.

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