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6 Myths about Breast Lumps Debunked

6 Myths about Breast Lumps Debunked
  • By Rohan Khandelwal

Have you ever felt a lumpy sac-like structure while touching your breasts? If yes, then this blog is meant for you. Breast lumps are extremely common among females who are in their late forties or early twenties or thirties. These majorly appear as a result of hormonal fluctuations in the body and as a result of several other factors. Some of these can be cancerous while others are non-cancerous. It is only with the help of a physical examination and screening tests that it becomes identifiable whether the lump is cancerous or non-cancerous. Generally, the cancerous lumps subside on their own, whereas the non-cancerous lumps may be riskier and require immediate medical attention.

Whatever type of lump it may be, in case you experience one it is best to bring it to the attention of a leading Breast Lump Surgeon in Delhi NCR. To spread awareness on the same, we are up with popular facts in response to the misconceptions that people have associated with breast lumps.

Let us find out what these are:

Breast Lumps means Breast Cancer

This is one of the most popular of all the myths that surround breast lumps. People falsely believe that a breast lump in simple words implies breast cancer. However, this is usually not the case as Breast lumps can also be non-cancerous. It is only using physical examination and screening tests that it can be confirmed whether a breast lump is due to breast cancer or other non-cancerous condition like Fibroadenoma. Hence, in case you are experiencing one, then it is best suggested to consult the best Breast Lump Doctor in Delhi NCR, for a detailed analysis of your condition.

Cancerous Breast Lumps are generally Painless

People generally believe that Cancerous Breast Lumps are painless whereas non-cancerous lumps are usually painful. But again, this is not true of Breast lumps. There is no such scientific evidence that proves this fact that cancerous breast lumps are painless. However, they can be painless most of the time, but a painful breast lump does not confirm the fact that it is non-cancerous.

Young Women can never have Cancerous Lumps

Another popular misconception about Breast Lumps is that young women generally experience non-cancerous lumps. But the fact lies that breast cancer can be commonly found among women as well. Several instances have shown that even young women were diagnosed with breast cancer. Since a lump can be cancerous despite the age you are in, it is best to seek consultation from the Best Breast Lump Doctor in India.

If there is no family history of Breast Cancer, your Breast lump is harmless

Again this is an extremely popular misconception about Breast lumps. Genetics or family history of breast cancer has no association with you having breast cancer. Not having a family history of breast cancer does not rule out the possibility of your breast lump being non-cancerous. Hence, rather than jumping on such kinds of false assumptions or conclusions, it is best to consult the leading Breast Lump Doctor in Delhi NCR. It is only by using a detailed medical exam that the possibility of breast cancer can be ruled out.

Small breast lumps can never be breast cancer

There is no scientific evidence that confirms the fact that small breast lumps can never be breast cancer. Small breast lumps can be as cancerous as large breast lumps. Thus, having a small breast lump does not rule out the possibility that it is non-cancerous.

Breastfeeding mothers can’t have Cancerous Lumps

This is not true about lactating mothers. Being a lactating mother does not imply that your breast lump is non-cancerous. It is best to talk to a reliable breast surgeon and get your breast lump checked at the earliest.

So, these were a few popular misconceptions along with their facts about Breast Lumps. In case, you experience any changes in size or shape of your breast or experience a breast lump then it is best to bring it to the attention of a reputed breast surgeon near you.

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