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8 Breast Cancer Myths Debunked

8 Breast Cancer Myths Debunked
  • By Rohan Khandelwal

Even if Breast Cancer is amongst the most common types of cancer across the world, and people talk and discuss it freely, several misconceptions surround it. This active communication among people at times leads to a lack of awareness of its facts thereby leading to myths. To spread awareness on the facts about this fatal condition and educate people about it, we are up with a list of myths and facts:

Radiation from Tests Screening Causes Breast Cancer

This is one of the many popular myths about Breast Cancer. Though screening tests such as X-Ray, and Mammograms emit some radiation but do not increase the risk of breast cancer to a considerable extent. Likewise, MRIs and Ultrasounds do not emit any harmful radiation that can trigger breast cancer.

Genetics play an important role

People blindly believe in the fact that Genetics plays an important role in breast cancer. There is no such research that supports the myth that people who have a family history of breast cancer are likely to have it in their life. There are only less than 10% chances that people with a family history might have breast cancer in their life. But people have started assuming it as the only possible factor for breast cancer. Hence, breast cancer has nothing to do with genetics.

Underwire Bras are major reasons for Breast Cancer

According to the leading Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi, Underwire Bras have nothing to do with Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer can occur as a result of various other factors but never by wearing an underwire bra. Though it is true that underwire bras put unnecessary pressure on the breasts and hampers the functioning of lymphatic drainage. Moreover, these can be uncomfortable to carry, but these can never lead to breast cancer. There is no such scientific evidence that supports this myth that underwire bras can lead to breast cancer.

The use of Underarm Antiperspirants can lead to Breast Cancer

According to the best Breast Cancer Surgeon in Haryana, Underarm Antiperspirants have no such chemical toxicants that can lead to breast cancer. Only a few underarm Antiperspirants that might contain aluminium composition in them, to some extent affect the lymphatic system functioning or affect their toxin drainage, which can lead to the development of breast cancer. Since there is no scientific research that supports this view that underarm antiperspirants can cause breast cancer, the possibility of one getting breast cancer from using such antiperspirants is almost negligible.

Breast Cancer occurs only among middle-aged and older women

This is one of the most strong opinions that people think that Breast Cancer occurs only in the later stages of a woman's life. But this is completely false. Breast Cancer can occur even in younger women. Hence, they need to take proper care of their breast health and in case of any unusual changes in their breasts report it to the leading Breast Cancer Surgeon in Gurgaon. Early signs of breast cancer involve lump formation, change in shape and size of breasts, inflammation, breast soreness or tenderness, nipple discharge etc. Such changes can be a clear warning sign that you are suffering from breast cancer and hence require a medical diagnosis.

Breast Cancer occurs by excessive sugar consumption

Excessive sugar consumption can increase the body's glucose levels, thereby leading to obesity or weight gain. This can in some way be linked with PCOS or PCOD, but never with breast cancer. Breast Cancer has nothing to do with sugar consumption. The only factor that links breast cancer with sugar consumption is that cancer cells consume sugar much faster than the normal cells in the body. Hence, this is why most breast cancer patients might be advised to cut out sugar from their diet.

Annual Mammography exams can lead to breast cancer

The only aim of Annual Mammography exams is early detection of breast cancer, but only if it is present. Mammography exams in no way, lead to breast cancer. Interestingly, Mammography exams in about 20% of cases miss out on breast cancer even if it is present.

Eating Healthy and Exercising can never cause Breast Cancer

Eating healthy or Exercising can lower the breast cancer risk to a considerable extent, but these can never eliminate the risk. There are several incidents, in which people who maintained a healthy weight or exercised regularly, were still diagnosed with breast cancer. Though it is worth appreciating to maintain a healthy weight it can never eliminate the breast cancer risk.

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