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Breast Cancer symptoms, Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi

Alarming Symptoms of Breast Cancer

  • By Rohan Khandelwal

Cancer begins the movement when a cell starts to grow in the body at an abnormal speed. The breast cancer starts from the breast, that means the growth of the cell begins from the breasts. A breast consists of three main points, lobules, ducts, and connective tissues, namely. There are multiple types of breast cancers and the part in the breast where the cells start growing distinguish one type of breast cancer from another. If you are in need of advice and treatments against the disease, you shall reach out to the Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Rohan Khandelwal.

Breast cancer doesn’t have any specific reason for its occurrence, but there are some warning signals that the body shows that can be a symptom of the disease. One shall never ignore these signs as it can help save the person from going to a deeper and more serious level of Cancer.

A feeling of discomfort, pain and tenderness in the breast can cause a change in the skin cells and might be a signal towards deteriorating breast health.
Inflammatory breast cancer shows signs such as skin dimpling and shrinking near the breast area.
If you are noticing a difference in the colour of the skin or noticing it getting bruised, you shall not ignore it like a normal thing, but get a mammograph done to be sure that it is not a sign for Breast cancer.
Having scaly skin around the nipple and areola are not good health signals and can be an early sign of Breast cancer.
If your nipples are investing, reversing or facing a difference in the sizes, you shall reach to a doctor and get it tested as it can also be a symptom of Breast cancer.
If you are not in a breastfeeding period and still noticing a sticky white, yellow or red liquid discharge, you shall be alarmed.
Other indicators of breast cancer are swollen lymph nodes in the armpit and around the collarbone.

If you are already diagnosed with this issue, you shall come in contact with the most trustworthy Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi. Dr Rohan Khandelwal at breasthealth.in is one of the most venerated Breast Surgeon in Gurgaon and helps the patients seek the right remedies against breast cancer. The years of practice at the most reputed hospitals has made him earn the title of Best Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi and you can make appointments with him through his website if you wish to get rid of the disease with the best treatments available, worldwide.

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