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Breast Surgeon In Delhi, breast cancer surgeon in Haryana

Best Care By The Expert Breast Surgeon In Delhi

Best Care By The Expert Breast Surgeon In Delhi
  • By Rohan Khandelwal

Breast cancer is very commonly seen in women whether they are young or old. It is turning out to be a very critical medical problem, which should be diagnosed and treated on time. Our best breast cancer surgeon in Delhi serves you with in-depth medically reviewed information, multiple ways of support and care. Breast health is one of the well-recognized hospital at which you will be in the hands of the well medically trained team, an expert in evaluating, identifying and treating all types of cancer.

Cancer is of various types, it includes:

Metastatic Breast cancer
Triple-negative breast cancer
Breast tumour
Inflammatory breast cancer
Breast cancer during pregnancy
Breast cancer in young girls
Breast cancer in men

Our team of surgeons are well practised and can treat all of above cancer with necessary medical care. Breast health is having an extended network to provide you all with best-needed services and treatment. Thus, our breast cancer surgeon in Haryana is fully committed to helping all those impacted by breast cancer.

Breast cancer is mainly diagnosed in multiple ways, it includes:

S.no Method Description
1 Diagnostic Mammogram It is an x-ray of the breast, while screening is routinely administered to detect cancer.
2 Ultrasound When any suspicious site detected on screening. Then the doctor may ask for the ultrasound.
3 MRI It is helps get multiple images and perspectives if your initial reports are not conclusive.
4 Biopsy It is a test in which breast tissue is removed. Then the removed cell is tested.
5 Lab test Your doctor will ask for the lab test if you are diagnosed with cancer.
6 Result Wait for the result, don’t panic if your tests, reposts and screening result abnormal. Come and talk to surgeons, and get answers to all your questions.

Treatment starts with selecting the right place and right doctor for getting the best expert care and collecting all possible knowledge about treatment solutions or options. Treatment of breast cancer will depend upon the stage of cancer, whether it got spread or not.

Solutions and treatments will be accordingly, it includes:

Radiation therapy
Hormone therapy
Targeted therapy
Nutrition and physical activity
After follow-up care routine

We know that breast cancer is a transforming event, which gives lifelong after-effects to you and your family. Breast Health is the great place to find all insights, solutions and treatment by the expert Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi, who will provide you with every detail from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

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