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Breast Pain: Diagnosis & Treatment

  • By Rohan Khandelwal

If you’re experiencing stiffness, burning sensation and a dull ache in breast tissues, you might be suffering from breast pain, also known as mastalgia. Breast pain is a common problem in teenage girls and can be linked to various conditions including but not limited to menstruation, fibromyalgia, puberty, pregnancy, and diet. If breast pain keeps recurring during the onset of the menstrual cycle, it is known as cyclical mastalgia. A number of underlying factors may affect breast health in women.


Breast pain can occur due to a number of reasons. For the benefit of the patient, even a dull pain shouldn’t be left unchecked as it may be a symptom of other disorders of the breast. Common causes of breast pain are:

Muscular Pain

Muscular pain in and around breast tissue should not be left unchecked. The patient may experience a sensation of pain under the breast, which should be duly checked by a medical professional.


Inflammation in the cartilage connecting the ribs to the chest bone causes pain in the chest area and may as well be a cause of breast pain.


Excess consumption of caffeine-rich products like coffee may also be a reason behind breast pain in women.

Breast Abscess

Bacterial infection may lead to the formation of a pus-filled lump in your breast. It is mainly observed on breastfeeding mothers and can be diagnosed with an ultrasound scan.


Also called Fibrocystic breast changes, this condition is characterized by painful lumps in the breast before the onset of the menstrual cycle.

In rare cases, breast pain may also be linked to breast cancer.

Breast Pain Treatment in Delhi

CK Birla Hospital For Women and Vardaan Hospital have set up dedicated breast clinics for the diagnosis and treatment of breast-related disorders. The breast pain clinic is run by renowned breast surgeon Dr Rohan Khandelwal, a leading specialist in breast pain treatment in Gurgaon, now operating on patients all over Delhi-NCR. He has years of experience in breast pain diagnosis and management and has earned accolades from prestigious institutions around the world. He believes in thorough health checkup and review of the medical history of the patient to find the root cause of the pain and manage it accordingly.

Book an appointment with Dr Rohan Khandelwal at CK Birla Hospital for Women or Vardaan Hospital for expert medical diagnosis and treatment.

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