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Warning Signs of Breast Cancer you should Never Ignore

Warning Signs of Breast Cancer you should Never Ignore
  • By Rohan Khandelwal

Breast Cancer is amongst a few of the most common cancers, which occurs in women in their late forties or fifties. In most cases, the signs and symptoms are not traceable in their initial stages. Hence, the condition is identified only in its last stage, when the symptoms have worsened over time. The condition becomes out of control in the final stage and some rare cases life-threatening. With the initiative of spreading awareness about Breast cancer symptoms, I am going to share a few of the most crucial warning signs you must pay attention to:

Development of Lumps

Lumps in the breasts are one of the most common symptoms of Breast Cancer. In most cases, the lumps can be due to other conditions, like hormonal changes, age factors etc. But in some cases, lumps can be the accumulation of cancerous tissues which can metastasize to other body organs as well. Breast cancer which metastasizes to other body parts is the riskiest as it decreases the life expectancy of a man. Hence, you should never ignore the formation of lumps, and immediately reach out to a reliable Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi.

Change in size and shape of the breast

This is one of the most important or key symptoms for determining breast cancer. In case you are experiencing any changes in the shape and size of your breasts, this may indicate the initial stage of breast cancer. In such a condition, you should immediately contact an experienced Breast surgeon in Delhi NCR and get a mammography test conducted.

Unusual Nipple Discharge

Nipple Discharge is another common symptom of Breast Cancer. A blood-like discharge from your nipples may not be a healthy sign and indicate the growth of cancerous tissues in your breasts. You need to immediately get tested if such a condition arises.

Inflammation in Breasts

In case you are experiencing any sort of inflammation in your breasts or extremely painful breasts, you may be at increased risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sore Breasts

Breast soreness or breast tenderness are other common symptoms that may indicate the development of breast cancer. Most often women ignore these common symptoms by considering them as normal resulting from the age factor but you should not ignore these warning signs and rather get a medical health check-up conducted immediately.

Redness or Skin Irritation

Women tend to ignore signs like redness or skin irritation, flaky skin considering them as normal. These signs should never be ignored, as these may be a warning symptom of breast cancer development in your body. You require a medical diagnosis for framing analysis of your condition.

Sensation of Pain

In case you feel any sensation of pain around your breast area or nipple area this may be a negative sign of a dangerous condition which you might be unaware of. Hence, signs like painful breasts especially during or after your menstrual cycle should never be ignored.
Hence, in case you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, these might be red flags indicating the growth of breast cancer in your body. Such signs should be immediately brought to the attention of a trusted Breast Cancer Surgeon in Delhi, and should never be ignored.
Now let’s discuss one of the most frequently asked questions.

Does Breast Cancer Metastasize?

Yes, Breast Cancer which is diagnosed at its later stage may metastasize to other body organs. The cancerous cells may break down from the tumour and flow to other body organs forming new cancer tumours. According to a survey, women who are diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer are also at the risk of developing Metastatic cancer after some months or years. Metastatic cancer that continues coming back, again and again, may increase the risk of life to a great extent. The worst part is that Metastatic cancer can never be cured. The treatment can only slow down the progress of metastatic cancer pushing the life expectancy of the patient a bit. In some rare cases, the cancerous cells may go into remission not appearing for a couple of years but may eventually reoccur when triggered. Hence, the patient needs to follow a proper medical care routine and take precautionary care lifelong or as is advised by the breast surgeon.

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